About Us

Banker turned Realtor® streamlines Real Estate negotiations with new technology

Founder & CEO Scott Stockdale began his career in real estate after being forced into early retirement due to the financial crisis in 2008. Scott was involved in several transactions, some successful some not. What he did notice was that there was no universal way for making offers, fax and email seemed to be the primary options but that was not always a success. Errors happened from the FAX not going through or emails not being sent due to attachment size. The process was broken.

Scott could not believe with all the technology available today the process of exchanging real estate offers and communication was lagging. So, he went to work and developed Clear Offer.

We at Clear Offer believe there is a better way — complete transparency. Using secure web based technology, real estate offers can now remain private or be displayed to any registered agent. No more mystery. No more faxing. Our goal is to streamline communication and create a clear line of sight between both agents & the seller. In many ways, it’s a more personal and honest approach to real estate.

Enough about us, here are a few ways Clear Offer can help your business:

Differentiate yourself from the competition.

Of course you are the best in your market and connect well with sellers, but what about something that would really differentiate you? Think about it... Something that has never been presented to a seller before... Something they would want if they knew about it... Would that be enough to get that listing? What about the agent that did not present Clear Offer?

Don't leave your next presentation to chance. Make Clear Offer part of your business. Your sellers will love it and so will you!

Overpriced or underpriced we deliver:

Have you ever taken on an overpriced listing?

Reducing the listing price is never an easy conversation. Imagine for a moment the seller seeing all market activity firsthand. Wouldn’t that make it an easier conversation for you? Chances are the seller will be contacting you for price reductions.

Faster short sale approvals:

Servicers love documentation that can back up their decision to accept an offer. What is better than a report of offers from local agents on a specific property? In fact the Clear Offer report is better than any BPO or Appraisal.

Property RE-Blast:

If your escrow falls out, we re-market the property immediately by notifying all previous offering agents the property is active again and ready for offers.

Wireless keeps you mobile:

Have you ever noticed all your activity seems to happen when you have plans to do something? It doesn’t matter if it is another listing appointment or even a well-deserved vacation. That is when something will happen.

Clear Offer delivers the offers where you are and not to your office or fax. You can review documents, accept, counter or decline any offer from any wireless device.

Some say, if you need more business plan a vacation :)

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